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  • Stephen Halliwell
    Stephen Halliwell
    Sunday 5 September 2021, 6.09pm

    It was both a privilege and a joy to know Sarah as a friend and colleague for the last twenty years of her life. Observing her acute yet understated intelligence at work in seminars, exposing one’s own small ideas to her shrewd and constructive judgement, and savouring her gentle sagacity in general conversation – these were all instructive pleasures whose loss I, like others, will feel keenly. Sarah would occasionally bring a linguistic question about a Greek text to me. Whenever she did, she (sincerely) professed ignorance yet betrayed the very opposite: her knowledge of Greek was such that when she was puzzled it was always because she had identified problems that most readers would have missed. She could also be subtly entertaining, with a slightly wicked sense of humour that she knew how to disguise. And she made a virtue of brevity, so I will say no more than that for genuine kindness and real wisdom there was simply no one else like her.


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